HZV-ASSOC - This is a message for you community!


Good Morning everyone! As you already note it, HZV is changing, we are now a French Association, and so, we do have members!

As we changed our status for a bunch of reasons already explained, we decided to offers our members various new contents, services, and support.

Of course, the whole team has already worked on this topic, and we already have a cool list of new features/services and support that HZV plan to offers to his members.
But because HZV is also an Open Community for free culture and sharing, we decided to bring all of you on this adventure.
And to do so, we will start today asking you for what kind of services/features/supports/etc you're looking for, and what's your expectation about this HZV's reborn!


To be able to hear all of you, we did create a Google Moderator serie, publicly opened, and anyone of you even anonymous one, would be able to take part of this serie.

Long story short, if you want to give us a suggestion about services/features or any other cool stuff that you would love HZV bring to you, just go notice it on our moderator serie!
By the way, we did activated moderation and deduplication on suggestions to avoid any kind of overflow and/or spam, so please, this is an open discussion about a great topic, respect each others point of views even if it do not match your own one.

So here is the link for this serie:

Thankfully, Hackerzvoice Communication Team.